Seeking the Herb

Hi Auntie Snark, I have been seeing articles on Facebook about not using Sage nor Palo Santo when smudging because these two herbs are being endangered due to overuse. Is there other herbs that I can use? Seeking the Herb____________________________________________________________________________Seeking the Herb, I saw that article as well. After doing some research I have discovered … More Seeking the Herb

What Spell?!

A spell, my soul for a spell. Our newest advice seeker isn’t so desperate but sometimes we do see witches that bad. Shall we take a look at the letter? ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Auntie Snark, I have had the worst month of my life. I could go into details but I am pretty sure it will … More What Spell?!

As a Man, What is my Title?

This week our letter comes from a man who needs help with titles. Let’s help him out shall we? ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Aunty Snark, As a man in the Pagan community who practices the craft, I am wondering what I should be calling myself? I have heard people call men sorcerer, wizard, sage, warlock and witch. Am … More As a Man, What is my Title?

I am new – Help!

This week our letter comes from a dear sweet new witch. Auntie Snark, I have just started looking into Paganism and Witchcraft but I don’t know where to start. Do you have any recommendations? Websites? Books? Anything at all would be greatly appreciated. Dazed and Confused ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Dazed and Confused, Look no further my little … More I am new – Help!

The Eclectic Witch

Do you hate rules? Do you like options? Well look no further that the Eclectic Witch’s path. As an eclectic witch you are able to pick and add what ever fits your black little heart, to your path. Basically, the only rules you have are the ones that you make yourself! Doesn’t that sound just … More The Eclectic Witch