The Eclectic Witch

Do you hate rules? Do you like options? Well look no further that the Eclectic Witch’s path. As an eclectic witch you are able to pick and add what ever fits your black little heart, to your path. Basically, the only rules you have are the ones that you make yourself! Doesn’t that sound just perfect?

You can celebrate the Greek pantheon, choose the Norse’s 7 Noble Virtues as your guiding principles and practice high Wiccan ceremony magic. The eclectic path in one that you form out of your own desires, needs and wants without someone telling you no. Another great thing about this path is, that it can shift as you, yourself, shift and grow. What you may start out celebrating and believing may fit you for a year or ten but then there is a shift and everything changes. This path is not set in stone and can shift with you because it is something YOU create.

I can say,  that the eclectic path, is one that I often encourage new individuals to the Pagan community to try. When you are new you are reading A LOT or should be and there are so many new things to try. The eclectic path allows for this until you find something, if you do, that fits your needs and wants. Dip your toes in everything that peaks your interest and make something that is special to you.

Now there are some people within the Pagan community that LOVE to proclaim that if you are an Eclectic Witch, then you are not a “twue” witch. You know what we say to those nae sayers? FUCK YOU! We give them the one salute and tell them to go shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. Paganism is an umbrella term that covers many paths and there is no “twue” way to celebrate what, in all honesty, is a deeply individual path. No one, under any circumstances, should tell you that you are practicing Paganism wrong. So let your freak flag fly high if you decide to be an Eclectic Witch.

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