The Most Important Tool(s)

Okay witches, it is time to break out the wallets, chop down those money trees and send those abundance spells out into the universe because I am about to tell you what the most important tools are for any witch. Are you ready?

Well I can tell you that it is NOT a wand, although I have seen some amazingly beautiful wands. There are witches, myself included, that don’t even use a wand in their craft. Well how about a cauldron? Every witch needs a cauldron, right? Again, no, but I do love my Big Mama cauldron. Athame? No. Herbs? No. Stones? No. BOOKS?! Allow me to say this in the tongue of my people for those in the back, NOOOOOOOOOOOO. Come close my fellow witch and I will whisper it into your ear.

Are you ready? It is your mind and your heart, yeah I know those are two things that can get you into trouble at the best of times but there you are. They truly are the greatest tools that you will ever have in your witch’s hand basket. They are not material items that can  be lost, taken or stolen. They are uniquely yours, will always belong to you and will grow with you as you walk this path. I know it sounds ridiculously cheesy but it is true. Our minds and our hearts are our most valuable tool that we often over look.

When our books fade, our wands break and our herbs crumble into dust, we will still have our hearts and our minds to perform our craft. The gods and goddesses don’t require elaborate ceremonies, I personally believe that this is something that is expected of us because it has been so ingrained in us because of the Roman Catholic church. Nature and the gods/goddess don’t care nor or are impressed by our $50 wands, our thirteen millions candles nor our expensive herbs. They care about our heart, our minds and how we are coming before them to celebrate them.

Now don’t get me wrong, if you have that $50 wand, those thirteen million candles or those expensive herbs, it doesn’t make you a BAD witch. If you have those things, AWESOME, post some pictures, I love pagan tools porn, but they aren’t things that are actually NEEDED in our craft. You can still do a ceremony barefooted in your yard with nothing more than yourself and some random rock you discovered on a walk. As a witch I think it is important to enrich our minds and our hearts versus our altars or witch’s cabinets. I encourage you to talk to a fellow witch, don’t be a dreaded Gatekeeper, we will eventually discuss Gatekeepers and their foulness at a later point, and expand your mind. See what they celebrate and why? Ask tons of questions and never loose that zest for expanding your knowledge.

Now go be witchy and find someone new to speak to. I will return next week to take a look at our elements but with a twist, of course. Stay witchy!

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