Mabon AKA The Autumn Equinox

Let’s get ready to party! It’s almost the Autumn Equinox or also known as Mabon, one of my favorite, besides Samhain, Yule, Beltane, Midsummer…okay I love them all, holidays. The Autumn Equinox is only a couple days after my birthday and it is the first day of Autumn, my favorite season. I always go big during the Autumn Equinox because of its special place in my heart.

Now there is apparently some hate that revolves around the term Mabon and it seems a little ridiculous to me. I say fuck it and I will continue to use the term Mabon anyways. To be honest, don’t mind me as I move into a slight tangent, I believe that most of our holidays/rituals/celebrations are not going to be as ancient as we want them to be, Christianity made that near impossible, bu it is okay to create a name and or holiday for us. Hell, the term witch, according to most dictionaries is a person that has sold their soul to the devil for power but that doesn’t stop us from using it, does it? Hell no it doesn’t! We are a people who get tingles from redefining what people expect.

Moving on! Mabon is a day where there is a balance between light and dark as both are equal in length. It is considered the second harvest, Lammas being the first and Samhain being the last harvest on the year. It is a time for us to give thanks for the harvest and to contemplate the coming winter, hence Mabon’s other name “the Witch’s Thanksgiving”. In that light, we think about reaping what we have sown, both positive and negative, expressing gratitude and completing projects.

As Mabon is the first day of fall and the second harvest, everything that is fall related is celebrated and used to fashion altars and to make yummy food. Altar colors that can be used are; brown, orange, violet, maroon, russet and gold. Decorations can include but are far that limited to; acorns, gourds, pine cones, grains, apples (let”s be honest Mabon really is a celebration of that fruit), pomegranates, grapes and vines. God(dess)s that have a special affinity for this day are Persephone, the Muses, Thoth, Thor, Hermes, The Green Man, Bacchus and Dionysus. In fact, the Romans had a festival for Dionysus around the Autumn Equinox. So for all those party hard witches, now you have a reason to drink, laugh and rip to shreds a couple unsuspecting individuals if you so please.

Mabon food tends to be things such as mushrooms, potatoes, grains, late summer/autumn fruits, vegetables, beams, pumpkins and soups of all kinds, it is the autumn after all. You can make things such as potato soup, mushroom soup, lasagna, baked mackerel, roasted sweet potatoes, corn bread, pumpkin pie, apple crumble, and the list goes all on. You could make an entire Thanksgiving feast if you so desire and it would not be considered wrong, “Witches Thanksgiving” after all.

When it comes to the craft you can perform apple magick, of course….cause you know Apples, gather and dry herbs/fruit, even the smallest day to day tasks can be magickal, grapevine magick, balancing spells, protection spells and self confidence spells. These spells can be anything that you are comfortable with performing; knot magick, candle magick, high ceremonial magick, you do you my little witch, just celebrate the changes of the season, the harvest and of balance. Enjoy Mabon/the Autumn Equinox this Saturday and join us soon for another article next week.

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