What Spell?!

A spell, my soul for a spell. Our newest advice seeker isn’t so desperate but sometimes we do see witches that bad. Shall we take a look at the letter?

Dear Auntie Snark,
I have had the worst month of my life. I could go into details but I am pretty sure it will just depress you. I know it has me. Do you know any spells that can help me turn my life around?

Depressed and Frustrated


Depressed and Frustrated,

Oh my sweet witch, I wish I could provide you with a spell that can turn your life around but I will not. Now I know that makes me sound like an uber bitch, but allow me to explain why I will not provide you with a spell that will just make everything all fine and dandy for you.

What craft may work for me, may not work for you. But what about all those spells that are provided in those fifty million witchcraft books that line shelves, you ask? Well, I view those more as starter spells or as generator of ideas. They look all pretty and shiny, so simple and easy that ANYONE can use them but that doesn’t mean that they SHOULD be used. Analogy time! Our homes are built with a frame, just like a spell, now depending on our money, resources, time, and skills, we will take that frame and add what we need/want as the owner. It can be super elaborate, a mansion aka high ceremonial craft or as simple as a cottage that is small, comforting and warm, cottage craft. You can take those two witches, the high ceremonial witch and the cottage witch, and switch their places but that doesn’t mean that each witch will be comfortable or able to thrive in his/her new environment. It is the same thing with our craft.

I enjoy several different types of craft, let’s take knot magick for example. I can weave intricate pieces, knot them and have them work quickly and efficiently for me. My husband, god(dess) love him, can’t weave hardly at all. It is a craft that while he may be able to do, he can not do comfortably or even particularly well. He on the other hand resonates so much so with gems/rocks that we could open a shop to sell them. I like gems, I may use them in spells but they don’t resonate for me like they do him. I don’t hear them sing like he does, so he does gem craft and I just use them for cottage craft when making herbal satchels.

Back to the topic at hand, I don’t know what craft resonates with you. I don’t know what your strengths are nor do I know what resources you have access to. I live in a big city, I have a ridiculous amount of easy access to Pagan/Herbal/Gem stores that I didn’t have when I lived in a small conservative town. When you live in a conservative place, you don’t have the easy resources that others take for granted and while online shopping has made things easier, you still have to spend, sometimes ridiculous amounts of money on things.

What I do suggest you do, I will continue to hammer this continually, is do your own research. I know people don’t like hearing that. Some people, and I am not saying you exactly so put down your wand and refrain from throwing a curse my way, want the answers provided to them. I can merely shove you forcefully in the general direction of the answer but it is up to you to take the path to find the answer. Research things like candle craft, one of the easier crafts and its easy to get the candles, cottage craft, making a comforting meal that brings you pleasure can be counted as magick and sooth a troubled soul, look at high ceremonial craft, if you are one of those witch’s that can craft a spell that flows (I will secretly hate you as I can’t) but it will be a strong spell because it is something you crafted and oddly enough, look on Pintrest for beginner spells to help you get some ideas.  Make something that is for you and fits what you need it to do because I can’t do that for you.

Now go due that research so you can craft something beautiful and remember; don’t sacrifice a virgin for this, the jail time isn’t worth it.


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