Seeking the Herb

Hi Auntie Snark,

I have been seeing articles on Facebook about not using Sage nor Palo Santo when smudging because these two herbs are being endangered due to overuse. Is there other herbs that I can use?

Seeking the Herb
Seeking the Herb,

I saw that article as well. After doing some research I have discovered that sage is not endangered, hell I grow that, but Palo Santo is endangered due to over-harvesting. There is an estimate of around mature 250 adult trees left but this is a rough estimate as there are some areas that don’t report. But to simply say, it has been placed on the endangered list and should be left alone under most circumstances. Besides, there are many, many other herbs that can be used in the cleansing of your space.But remember, cleansing isn’t always about some spooky entity trying to claim your undead soul. Cleansing your space can be more about protection. You can cleanse your space of negative thoughts, even from yourself, bring in something, invoke a spirit, enhance a skill, etc. For now though, let’s take a look at the herbs that you can have easy access to, in most cases, and their purpose. 

You have Rosemary, personally my favorite herb to use.  This is an all purpose herb and can be used in several spells and crafts other than just cleansing you home. It is an herb that is soothing and encourages a sense of peace. Another evergreen, other than Rosemary, that can be used is Pine, if you don’t want to or can’t grow your own Rosemary. Cedar can also be added to our lovely evergreen to used for cleansing. Cedar can be used to drive out the negative, bring in the good and is often used to bless new homes

There is Lemongrass which smells AMAZING and energizing which is why, like most citrus scents, it is used to encourage focus and clarity. Cedar, is a slow burning bundle and is used for renewal, grounding and surprise, surprise, protection. Eucalyptus can be added to bundles to add an energizing element or it can be used alone as well, as again, still offers protection. We know that you can use Bay leases for wish magick, but did you know that you can also use it for cleansing? Lavender can be used as a cleansing herb as well, then again, depending on why you are cleansing, lavender may be the perfect herb to use as it promotes peace of mind, relaxation and happiness.

Catnip isn’t just for your cats these days, it can be used as a cleansing burning bundle of joy as well. Catnip can be burned to bring love and happiness into the sacred space that you are working in. Clove, a very strong herb even without burning it, can drive hostile intentions away and can be used as an enhancer. Dandelions, it’s not a weed people, it is an herb that can be burnt for divination or spirit calling. Our last herb will be Thyme is an excellent herb to use for riding negative feelings, mind blocks and obstacles.

As you can see Seeking the Herb, there are many, MANY I tell you, herbs that you can use if you don’t want to use Sage or just sage. As with most things in our craft, you have so many options, it is just up to you on what you wish to use and what you have easy access to. Most of the herbs that have been listed, are things you can easily grow yourself if you have the space and or a green thumb, thankfully or can find in your local grocery store. Remember, that you don’t have to burn these herbs either, I know some apartment complexes would frown on this. You can always make a cleanser fragrance spray out of oils if you so wish or if it would be easier for you. Now I am wondering if you could crush them and use them like brick dust or  salt line? I don’t see why not, it would be the same principle I believe. Anyways, I have provided you with many options, it is up to you to decide what will work best for you and your intentions. Now go be crafty!


Monday – New Product arriving at the shop! Our herbal soaks. So pretty and so soothing.

Tuesday – Our new soaps arrive at our shop! We will have Sweet Pumpkin Spice to celebrate Samahin and our fierce being of the month the Hecate Cauldron (actually shaped like a cauldron).

Wednesday – Knot Magick, A Simple but Overlooked Craft

Friday – Because we have to make up for last week and a foul illness that struck, Kitchen Witchery, Even Making Coffee can be Magikal.

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