Knot Magick – The Lesser Known Craft

Knot magick, in my eyes, is a looked over craft. You may get a brief little blurb in a book about it, maybe, and doing research online will bring up one page articles including this article. What makes this sad is that Knot magick is one of the oldest recorded forms of magick, can be dated to Ancient Egypt and the Knot of Isis. It was also a craft that was widely used by other people than those that practiced magick in the past, even sailors were known to use knots to bind the winds or to stir up a wind.

Witches Ladders, another old form of knot magick, was first recorded in 1878 when it was discovered in a home. Witches ladders was and is a practice of knot magick where there is cord or hair that is knotted or contains charms that are tied to a specific magick. In some modern Wiccan practices, a Witches Ladder is a string of 40 beads with 40 knots that sometimes contains fathers, bones and other trinkets

Today you can perform knot magick if you have got a piece of string, rope or yarn. Hell there are people that perform this craft with articles of clothing. When it comes to tying your knots, you can make the knots to bind, protect, for secrets, love or loosen the knots to release things such problems and or confusion that you may wish to over come. Like most things in our craft, you can add an additional layer to knot magick by adding color, number and moon magick.

Traditionally the numbers of three, nine and thirteen has been used for this craft. Lengths of the rope/yarn/string can vary from 9 inches to 9 feet and the number of knots can vary in number depending on your needs. Although using 9 knots are common along with the knot pattern of 1–6–4–7–3–8–5–9–2. From my research I have not seen a specialized use of knots other than using overhand knots. As I am who I am, I am going to start practicing with different knots and see what sort of results I get. If I disappear into a swirling glowing sphere of cloud, it has been fun.

Colors can be used to define the purpose of the knot magick and several colors can be combined. For example, my husband and I combined several colors for our handfasting ribbon, each color representing us and who we are together. It was 9 ribbons, three for him, three for me, three for us combined. Each set of three was braided together and then those set of three were braided together at our wedding.

Maybe I will make a week in October a week of knot magick to see what everyone can come up with. I think next week, along with revamping our website, shall be known as Knotty Week! Check us out next week and our Facebook page to be updated on all the latest news.

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