Kitchen Witchery

When people think of witchcraft, they think of elaborate rituals occurring deep in the forest, performed by a witch in a hooded cloak. As a witch, that isn’t required, you can be a witch in your own home with nothing more than a cup of coffee or cooking a meal. (Personally I am tired of people telling me and others how witches SHOULD be practicing. Those slags can bugger off though). A kitchen witch or a cottage witch, as these terms can be interchanged and often are, find magic in doing everyday tasks and chores. Kitchen witches combine hearth and home with magic. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and this is no truer for a kitchen/cottage witch.

Kitchen witches may enchant herbs before using them in a meal, make herbal oils and tonics to be used while cleaning or bathing, make magic by making a cup of tea or coffee into a brew, grow a special garden and enchant it with moon or gem magic or have charm bags, witch’s ladders or symbols throughout the home. The home and the hearth are the kitchen witch’s sacred space and this will be reflected in his/her habits, he/she may even have an altar space designated in the kitchen. The home of a kitchen witch tends to be warm in colors and in energy. I have found that with most kitchen witch’s homes, people will find them to be very welcoming and have a difficult time leaving.

Herbs, a real common tool in the witch’s hand-basket, is a kitchen witch’s best friend. For example, a kitchen witch will know that cinnamon is an herb that makes a wonderful addition to foods that are being prepared for lust and anything that will speed up healing. Even if there is not a lot of space provided, for example city living witches, for a fresh garden or those that live in an area that is not habitable for specific herbs, dried herbs will be used. I have LOTS of dried herbs from the local grocery store and Pagan shop because I simply can not grow everything that I want to have at my fingertips. 

When it comes to casting or performing spells most kitchen witches will perform craft every day by doing “mundane” tasks but with an extra flourish. Stirring a cup of tea or coffee widdershins, counterclockwise, while chanting a quick cooling spell or washing down the front door with a mint infused mixture is just part of their specialized craft.Their tools are varied and many because their ENTIRE home is their sacred space, there is not that “No Electronics in the circle” in a kitchen witch’s mind. An etched wooden spoon and an electric blender are both equally important in these witch’s heart.

If you are interested in learning more about this sort of craft; a couple good books for those that are looking to explore the path of kitchen witchery, I recommend The Kitchen Witch by Soraya, a book that I personally own and have found the recipes/organization helpful and The House Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock, I have not read that book as of yet but plan to, but it has glowing reviews online. There are also other resources online for kitchen/cottage witchery. You would be surprised, but Pintrest also has several pins for this form of witchery. As always, I recommend finding a good herb book and keeping it always at hand. 

If you find that this is something you are interested in, don’t be afraid to experiment. Just like cooking, a recipe is, in my opinion, a general guideline and you should find what works best for you.  May the cauldron never burn your spell and may your hearth always be warm. Now get out there and cook!


Please bare with us next week as we revamp our website, add additional resources and don’t forget to check out our new page that lists our schedule! Except our revamping, I forgot that but we can’t all be perfect.


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