It’s Dangerous to go Alone – Take This!

Auntie Snark,

I am currently a solitary witch but I don’t want to be! I want to be part of a coven and learn from others. Do you have any recommendations on how to find a good coven?

All Alone


All Alone,

Being the one little lonely witch in the vast forest of your area can be overwhelming. I completely understand the desire to want to find others to talk with, trade ideas and learn from. I know it may be tempting to break out the Ouija board or make a small sacrifice to the dark beings to find that perfect coven but that isn’t needed. Allow me to show you the way without all that work.

Now, I will be completely honest with you, if you live in a VAST forest with lots of churches and very little major cities, this could be a little challenging. Not impossible by any means but it will be a slight challenge. I recommend starting with WitchVox. It is an older website that looks like he has not been updated since it began. I think I even found my first coven there when I started back in 2005. It hasn’t really changed very much since then, at least in the design aspect but the thing about this website is that is is ridiculously easy to use.

There is also another simple website, Meetup which will pull covens once again by your general location. If there are no covens near you through either site, start one! You don’t have to be the “High Priest or Priestess” but you can encourage a get together of like minded people. Don’t be afraid to branch out, for all you know, you could be the start of something wonderful. You can also check Facebook as well. There are so many groups on Facebook that you just need to jump in and see what is happening. You other other option is to go to your local occult/pagan store to see if they have any knowledge about local covens and or if they themselves run a coven. 

Remember that not all covens are created equal. I understand the desire/need to be in a coven but remember I want to still lightly caution you again jumping in feet first to the first coven that you come across. It may not follow a path that is different than your own or the coven may be for a specific group. They may have the max number of people that they wish. Also, it’s not that I am against covens, I just want you to be aware that sometimes even though you may mesh well with half or most of the group, sometimes politics will rear its ugly head. It’s a demon beast of the ugliest sort and should be banished from all groups but they are run by humans and the ego can come to the forefront when you least expect it. 

Now, light those candles and boot up that computer, it is time for you to do your own research for your local covens.Best of luck All Alone and may the cauldron never burn your brew and may your hearth always be warm. See you next week witches!

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