Circle Casting

*I apologize for the late upload. A certain husband decided to bring home an illness and contaminate me. I swear I am going to put him through CDC bio-hazard/contamination protocols before he can touch me after being in civilization*

You have your spell, you have all of your ingredients and now it is time to craft. So what do you do next? Why, you cast a circle my dear little witch. Now, I will add a little disclaimer here, you can be a brazen and not cast a circle but that’s your choice. The Snarky Witches can not be held accountable with what your brazen little self decides to do or any creepy crawlies that may decide to infest your black little soul because you decided to be daring.

Now when it comes to Circle casting you can be as elaborate, of course, or as simple as you want/have time for. Circle casting can be done inside or outside. I always recommend working outside but let’s be honest, the weather doesn’t always allow for that or you may not have the privacy to conduct a ritual outside because Mary Beth has binoculars trained on your yard waiting for you to streak by again. In that case, crafting inside is just as acceptable and let’s be honest, some people are just more comfortable being in a space that they know is safe.

If you have the space indoors, I know that we all don’t, you can have a dedicated work space that you have a permanent circle etched. Let’s be honest, most of us do not have the space for a permanent etched circle. You will first want to cleanse your upcoming work space by sweeping away the “negative” energy. If you don’t have a broom, that’s okay, a vacuum will work just as well. Next, you can make a physical boundary for your circle with chalk, salt or etching it into the ground if you are performing outside. Making a physical boundary is not necessary though. I know that, if you are a perfectionist, free handing a perfect circle is almost impossible.

Now size of the circle. How big do you want this thing to be? Well, I have known witches that have a permanent circle up that surrounds their entire property at all times. This is VERY time consuming, requires a lot of energy and a bunch of hefty ingredients. But this isn’t something that you want to do if you live in an apartment, that’s just rude, or you do not have the skills yet. Trust me, you will get there but there is no point in trying to kill yourself doing an epic circle if it is your first go. Most witches will cast a circle that is no bigger than a four person round table if they are solitary and if it is a coven, those tend to get large as it needs to accommodate everyone that is participating.

Once you have determined the size of your circle, you need to next set up your elements, watchtowers, spirits, ancestors, etc.. These will be your physical representations of your protectors, think of mob bosses standing in these spaces protecting you. Most people will use the standardized Western Elements at this point; Earth in the North..ish area, Air in the East…ish area, Fire in the South…ish area and Water in the West..ish area.I say ish because you may just have a vague general idea about the location of the cardinal points. If you wish to nor have a vague idea of their location, technology can come in and save the day. Thankfully compass apps on cell phones are a common thing. 

Got your mob bosses set up? Great! Now it is time to walk the circle, starting clockwise in the north…again, you will want to invoke the circle with a purpose. You can do this one or three times. If you are froggy you can do it as much as thirteen times. You do you, my little witch. While you are invoking the circle with your intended energy, you want to make sure that it surrounds you above AND below. Basically, you are creating your own little bubble of energy around you.

Then, starting at the north, again, you will want to  invoke your mob bosses into being. You can use whichever chant works best for you. If you are just starting out, I recommend something short and sweet, as those tend to be the easiest to remember. For example “Element of Earth, guardian of the north, home and protector, I call to you.” You will want to walk clockwise invoking each spirit until you reach the north again. 

So you are back in the north, or what you think is the north, now what? Well you begin your ritual of course. Some people recommend meditating before you start your ritual but in my honest opinion, you probably should have meditated BEFORE even starting to set up for your circle. We don’t want to bring the negative energy that Kathy from Accounting smeared all over you because she ate your lunch, for the FIFTH bloody time into any portion of the circle casting, but that’s just my opinion. 

You have done your spell, set your energy into the universe and now it is time to bring down everything that you just did with your circle except this time you go counter-clockwise. Starting at the north and then going west you will want to release your mob bosses and thank them for standing around. Once you have released all of these spirits, continue walking counter-clockwise and bring down your circle of magick as you thank the energies that helped you with your latest shenanigans.

Now trust me when I say this next part is very important and you better not forget it, GROUND. Allow me to repeat myself for those in the back row, you GROUND after you cast. Sure, it seems like a good idea to not ground after casting. You have to clean up. You are walking around with a natural high. Sunshine and rainbows baby. Until you crash. Then you have a hangover with a splitting headache because someone didn’t release all the pent up energy. Grounding is the very last step in any proper circle casting and it is just as important as the beginning steps. 

Normally I am not a stickler for the “proper” way of doing things but trust me on this. As someone who has not ground every time because of distractions, I have paid for it in the end. Remember witches, do as I say, not as I do.I haven’t always made the wisest decisions but those are stories for another time.  Until next time witches! May your brew in your cauldron never burn and your broom never crack.

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