Grey Witchcraft

It is all over the place “An’ ye harm none, do what ye will” aka do no harm. This is the basic tenet of the Wiccan Rede. Even if you are not Wiccan, you can’t get away from this thing. It is EVERYWHERE! In all the books, in the movies, on blogs and in articles. Sure this sounds good, in an idealistic world where there are puppies, rainbows and unicorns on every street corner but you and I live in the real world. Sometimes mofos needs smacked right upside the head to learn a valuable lesson not to mess with a witch.

The Pagan community LOVES to tote that they are all about duality but I call dirty dirty lies! It is all light and fluff and don’t you dare for an instances mention a hex or cursing someone. The gasp and horrified lectures would be never ending the second you do. We are supposed to follow the Wiccan Rule and be “light” little angels of joy that shower others with glitter and positive vibes. It doesn’t matter if you are Wiccan or not, you are supposed to follow this bloody rule and keep your toes on the “right” side of the line.

Grey Witches flip the bird to this mentality. They are the ones that walk the path that is neither “dark” or “light” (in my personal belief system, magick has no specific color, it simply is. We can debate those finer points if you like. I love a good debate/exchange of ideas). Greys believe that you can not understand the light without knowing the dark, you can harm without knowing how to heal.  Greys are all about balance, well as balanced as a person can be. There may always be a slight lean more towards one end than another. For example, I tend to do more “light” magick but I will twist a hex/curse if I view that it is needed. None of that passive aggressive blessing for me. Yes, I am considered a grey for those that are wondering.

Grey Witches aren’t a new thing to our world but there is very little resource material out there for those that are interested in walking this path of duality. You can read an article regarding the history of Grey Witchcraft here. In fact, if this a path you are interested in, I highly recommend you stay a while at that blog and read. The author is extremely knowledgeable as he/she is a Grey Witch and well written. From the research that I have done there is only ONE book available to buy which is The Gray Witches Grimoire by Amethyst Raine. I have not read it so I can not honestly say if it is a good book or not, the reviews I am seeing says that it is more set for those that are just starting their craft and not those that have been studying for some time.

So there aren’t many resources, what do you do if you want to become a grey witch? First, I can not stress this enough, make sure that this is the path that you want to take. Grey Witchcraft is one of both “light” and “dark”. You can’t shy away from the “dark” if it makes you or others around you uncomfortable. Balance is the key and you can not have one without the other. If all your books and reading have been of the light and fluffy side, it is time for you to jump feet first into the other side. Secondly, find some like minded witches. Like me and if you don’t particularly like me, there is a Grey Witchcraft group of Facebook. 

And the very last thing I recommend you do is write down why you want to go down this path. It will put things in perspective for you (Side note: if you are doing it to be edy, you are a douche and need to look elsewhere). Don’t be afraid to write down your code of ethics either. What are you willing to do and not willing to do? For example, sacrificing a virgin in a volcano is a no go for me. They are too difficult to find. The volcano for me locally and virgins in particular. Blood magick or demons may ne a non starter for you and that’s okay. Remember, this is your path and you get to determine where and how far you are willing to go.

 Until next time witches! May your brew in your cauldron never burn and your broom never crack.

3 thoughts on “Grey Witchcraft

  1. For anyone who has an interest in working with a Coven, please know that the Wiccan Rede is core to a working relationship in most Coven environments. Else, be wary of a Coven that does not have a core structure of ethical practice. ESPECIALLY amidst one another, which is actual the original purpose of the Rede.

    I don’t know how Wiccan authors have gotten away from that point. It bothers me to see it propagate. It’s not essential to be a ‘good witch’ or even an ethical Pagan, but it IS an essential covenant to working with other witches on ritual magic.

    The whole point of it is to give pause and opportunity to consider actions before acting. Remember, Magic does not always abide by things like Time and Space and often taking pause brings development of intentions to light before one candle is lit.

    TLDR; ‘Harm None’ is not an explicit instruction in its original language. It’s a reminder to take a moment and think.

    Thank you for allowing me to share this point of view.


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