Making a Book of Shadows

Auntie Snark,

I have been seeing Books of Shadows on Pintrest and they look freaking amazing! I really want to make my own Book of Shadows like the ones I am seeing. Do you have any recommendations about what I should be putting into one?

Wants to Build A Book


Wants to Build a Book,

Ahh yes, Books of Shadows or also known as a BOS. These books are meant to contain all the witch’s accumulated knowledge and spells that he or she may favor. They can do so much more though, they can also journal a witch’s travels down his or her path. Yet, where should you begin when it comes to creating the BOS?

So let us first think about what you want in your BOS. Do you want to have resource information in it? Things such as colors, phases of the moon, the meaning of the days of the weeks, specific gods and goddesses and even herbs. Do you want spells in your BOS? These spells can be your owns or even those that you found from a reliable source. Please note that I said reliable. For the love of all that is unholy, please do not use or buy random spells on the internet just willy nilly. Well, unless you enjoy unleashing that possible chaos and havoc into your life. 

Or perhaps you want to use your BOS to journal your path down witchcraft? Your BOS is still considered a BOS even if it is nothing more than you journaling your experience as a witch. Don’t let anyone tell you that a BOS HAS to contain certain things. It is your book and you can fill it with whatever makes your black little heart beat. 

Above we took a look at what can possibly go into your BOS but how should it look? Well how do you want it to look? There are pages that are covered with drawings, which I am jealous of because I can not even draw stick figures, and there are others that just have writing on the pages. There are some BOSs that look old that are in leather bound books and there are others that are kept in a 3 ring binder. This book is for you so YOU can make it look however you damn well please.

I need to redo my own BOS. When I started, I was sucked into that entire “It needs to be in a black leather journal and everything needs to go into it” mentality that I was told when I was young and stupid. I, I am going to be placing all of my information in a 3 ring binder. Why? Because I love collecting information and I also love organizing things. I can’t really have my Shamanism information next to my lunar moon phases which is next to my spell for making an ex’s penis shrink. That simply will not do with my organization needs for my BOS.

Just like everything in our culture, the BOS is something that is very personal. You need to craft it to be something that will make YOU happy. The only thing I can recommend is to just start, start anywhere. It is fine you if you start with a black leather bound journal and find out half way that it just doesn’t seem to suit your needs 100%. It is also fine to start with a 3 ring binder and then move to a black leather book. You do you my little witch! Your BOS doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to be yours. Bedazzle it if you want. Scribble all sorts of information willy nilly over your pages. Just make it yours. You can’t not do this wrong in anyway.

Until next time witches. May the brew in cauldron never burn and your broom never splinter.

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