Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble – Crafting Your own Spell

Auntie Snark,

I have been using spells that I have found online or in books but now I want to create my own. Where should I start?

Wants to Craft


Wants to Craft,

Yes, that’s right, my little witch, come to the dark side. I mean, come to the side that crafts his/her own spells. I know that it is convenient to use spells on the internet and in books. In our day to day busy lives, it easier to use ready made spells and there is no shame in using them either. Yet, there is something special about crafting your very own spell. There is pride in doing so. So how should you go about crafting your own spells?

  1. Determine your goals
    1. And for the love of all that is unholy be specific. Allow me to stand on my soapbox and shout it for those that are in the back. BE SPECIFIC! Do not be vague in any way when it comes to your spell because the gods/goddess/spiritual beings will take that opportunity to twist and throw chaos your way. Imagine yourself as a lawyer and look for any loophole and close the bloody thing. Details. Details and more details!
  2. Design
    1. Who doesn’t love designing? However, this can be the longest part of your crafting as it may require you to research specific herbs, colors, moon phases or gems. Craft your own sigils to be incorporated into your spell. Hell, if you have the time, make your own candles. Just have fun with this. I, personally, love researching and crafting things in general, so this is my favorite part even if I don’t always use everything that I find that COULD be part of my spell. 
      1. You can make your spells as simple or as complex as you want. If you excel at candle magick, rock that out my witch. If you want to try something new, don’t be afraid to do so. Step forward with confidence and do it!
      2. Does the spell your crafting have to rhyme? Hell to the no! Come close and let me tell you a dirty little secret. I am absolutely horrible at crafting spells that rhyme. I have, in fact, given up on it and I don’t even care what any other witch has to say about it either. I am not going to force myself and some poor higher being to listen to my poorly crafted rhyme hell. I would rather speak my spell from the heart and call that good.
  3. Collect your components
    1. Please do not go out and by the most expensive components out there if your bank account is going to want to beat you right after. Remember, the gods/goddesses/spiritual beings don’t care if you use organic or synthetic items. They really don’t care if you use a rock that you picked up from your driveway because you thought it was pretty as part of your spell. You can be simple and humble and still bring about a major change. 
  4. Cast your circle
    1. If you want to be a brave soul and work without a circle, The Snarky Witches will not and can not be accountable if anything comes to eat your soul. In all seriousness, if you are comfortable casting without a formal circle, go ahead and do so, you chaotic little demon. You know what you can handle better than I do.
  5. Craft your spell
    1. Aka chant your words, light those candles, shake that butt and have a fun time. You put in all that hard work in step number two and now it is time for you to shape it and mold it before releasing it out into the big wide universe. 
  6. Release your circle
    1. If you cast one I mean. Oh and don’t forget to thank everyone that showed up and kept you from being dinner for some nasty creepy crawly thingy.
  7. GROUND!
    1. Ground! Ground! And allow me to say this again in the language of my mother. Ground! I know the natural high that comes after casting is just freaking AMAZING and there is the clean up to do after casting but that can wait. You will seriously want to ground after casting any spell, even if you didn’t cast a circle. You need to release any excess energy that you stored and while it may seem like an excellent idea to keep it, the crash afterwards is hardly worth it……trust me. Remember witches, do as I say, not as I do. I blow things up so you don’t have to.

Just seven simple, well not simple really as step two could take days depending on how complex you want to make things, steps to crafting your own spell. When you first craft your own, it will seem overwhelming. There are so many choices out there for you to make. I mean do you want to cast on a particular moon phase, incorporate a magickal day meaning or even a specific time? Our spell crafting can get really insanely detailed if you want it to. Yet, overtime it will become easier for you as you will know what works best for you and by the time you have crafted three or five spells, you will even have your favorite research pages/books down to a fine science. I recommend starting out small in the beginning but eventually in no time at all, you will be a pro at crafting your own spell.

Until next time witches! May the brew in your cauldron never burn and your broom never splinter.

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