Scrying – An Art form

You saw it in the store window. It was so pretty and when you bought it, the nice shop clerk informed you to keep it covered because it because if you don’t, you may set your home aflame. You laugh nervously thinking she is joking but she is not. Your brand new crystal ball is a convective lens after all. It is time for you to jump feet first into scrying but what is it?

There is no definitive definition online as to what scrying is exactly. Some people say that scrying is a form of divination, seeing into the present, past or future and others say that scrying is opening yourself up to to your own subconscious or the subconsciousness of the universe around you. It is an artform that has no formal discipline and there is no uniformity. It has repeatedly been reinvented or elaborated on during many eras and regions of the world. It doesn’t help that practitioners and authors have changed the terminology so often that no one system can be taken as 100% the “true” way but that is common in most of our practices.  

When it comes to scrying there are multiple tools that you can use; black obsidian, mirrors, fire, smoke, oil, water and yes, crystals. The most common scrying that you will come across are those that use reflective surfaces such as a crystal ball, a mirror or a decent sized piece of black obsidian but don’t be afraid to try out the other methods that have been listed above. Scrying is and can be a difficult craft for practitioners and it will require work. This isn’t reading tarot or runes that come with a handy dandy book, this is another monster all on its own. Scrying also isn’t reading tea leaves, wax drippings, cloud watching or goat entrails, that would be considered augury.

So how do you go about scrying? First you have to pick what tool you wish to scry with.There is no wrong choice in this and it may change over time. You may start out with scrying with a bowl of water and then change to using flame and then change it again to a crystal ball. You will next want to kick everyone and everything out of your home. With scrying you need silence and stillness to proceed. You can’t really focus when you have your little ones bouncing up and down on the couch and your dog barking at you for attention.

I highly recommend getting into a deep meditative state before even glancing at your scrying surface. This isn’t something that is going to work if you are thinking about what to make for dinner or why your roses just aren’t growing just right. Be patient with all of this if this is your first time scrying, it takes a while to master this skill, just like every other skill you pick up in your life. Next, hold your intention for the reason you are scrying in mind. Remember for the love of all that is unholy, be specific! If you leave things open ended then you will never get anything. Now it is time to focus on your source.

Allow your body to go limp and just relax. Let your mind go blank and just look at your surface. Don’t strain yourself as you try to force yourself to see images. Relax and just breathe. It may take several minutes for any images even appear. These images may come and go briefly as you are watching your service. Don’t overly focus on these images as it will make it harder for you to scry, trust me. If you become wrapped up in just one or two images, you may lose the bigger message. As you scry, allow all  your images to come and go freely. 

Eventually you will get a feel that your session is over and at this point, slowly pull yourself back into the now. At this point, I would recommend writing down the images that you saw to allow yourself time to process everything and perhaps even form a coherent image. If you only get one or two images, that is okay. You shouldn’t expect to see an entire full image picture if you are just starting or even if you consider yourself a “master”.

 It is perfectly okay to see just one or two images and still have a successful scrying session. And remember that this really is a craft that has no rules and no formal discipline. Experiment and learn what works best for you. And don’t get discouraged if your first time doesn’t reveal anything. Like I said, this skill takes time and practice. 

Until next time witches. May the brew in your cauldron never burn and your broom never crack.


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