Dianic Witchcraft

The traditional Dianic Witchcraft, it’s for women only, sorry…no men allowed here. Dianic witchcraft was founded in 1971 by “Z” Emese Budapest in California. Z was a Hungarian immigrant who was also a hereditary witch and she formed the first coven, Susan B Anthony on the Winter Solstice in 1971. Dianic witchcraft is a combination of traditional Wicca, Italian folk-magick, the importance of womanhood and the healing practices.
The core beliefs of Dianic Witchcraft are the following:

  • Belief in female divinity, most often referred to as “The Goddess.”
    • Although termed as Dianic Witchcraft, the goddess Diana is not the primary Goddess that they celebrate. Instead Dianic witches celebrate “The Goddess” and understand the goddess that make up the pantheons is just one of the many faces of “The Goddess”
  • Celebration of various ancient holy days
    • These seem to be the same as those found in Wicca
  • Celebrating the journey of a woman’s life
    • This is physical, emotional and psychic travels. These rituals celebrate milestones and transitions in a woman’s life.
  • A belief that women’s bodies are sacred.
    • This means that if you like your sex a little kinky, that is the biggest of no nos. Those in the Dianic covens cannot support nor condone sexual practices which are dehumanizing, and whose purpose it is to cause pain, humiliation or suffering even if it is consensual.
  • An honoring of women’s experience as authentic.
  • An understanding that patriarchal society does not accurately reflect women’s experience.
  • No recognition of male Gods in ritual or elsewhere.
    • They also do not discuss women’s mysteries or magick to men
  • A belief that only women-born-women truly understand women’s experience.
    • Sadly, this means that our Transgender sisters are barred from this religion.

The traditional Dianic Witchcraft is a feminist path for those that are interested and they do accept bi-sexual, lesbian and straight witches, as long as they are born female. This path, is not for me and I can’t 100% endorse it. I can understand that they want to provide a path for women that want to break from the traditional patriarchy but there are a couple of their tenants that I do not agree with.
One, I believe that there needs to be 100% balance in life, this means celebrating both the male and female. Two, I am VERY sex postitive. This means that if you want kinky sex? Rock it. You want to be in a BDSM dynamic? You do you, my little witch. You want to be a sex worker? Rock that! The thought that some religion gets to tell me how I should be acting in my bedroom is a big fat no to me. The last reason would be that despite those in Dianic Witchcraft believe that power doesn’t come from the genitalia, their reason for why they don’t need masculine energy, they refuse to accept our transgender sisters. Something about not knowing about a woman’s journey.
Now there are two other Dianic paths that do accept males as members. One was founded by Morgan McFarland and the other was founded by Ann Forfreedom. These are two paths are not accepted in the traditional Dianic paths as they do accept men and were never ordained by the founder Z. There may be more splinter paths from the traditional but those seem to be more underground. Either way, if you are interested in looking for more information of Dianic Witchcraft, you can find it here;
Dianic Tradition – https://dianic.org/
Temple of Diana – https://www.templeofdiana.org/
Until next time witches. May the brew in your cauldron never burn and your broom never splinter.

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