Hex the Ex

Auntie Snark,

My ex broke my heart and now I want to get even. I have spent hours crying over the cheating bastard and now I want to get even. How should I go about hexing the ex?

Wants to Hex the Ex


Wants to Hex the Ex

My first question about this is; are you sure you really want to hex that ex of yours? Now, I am not against hexing people, I am a grey witch and have woven my own curse of three. I do, however, always caution on it, more so when it comes to relationships. Relationships are messy and have a tendency to become even more so when it comes to the ending. It is a rare occurrence that a relationship ends on amicable terms. So again I ask, do you really want to/need to hex that troublesome ex of yours?

Did you answer yes? If so, let’s move on. Now, I am not a witch that will hand out spells willy nilly and I am not about to start now. I am the type of crone that makes you do your own work and that will continue on to now. I will not give you a spell but I will tell you how to craft one.

First, how do you want to weave your words? What is your goal for the hex? Is it for him to see what he did and realize the pain that he caused? Do you want to make him suffer with boils on his nether regions and a blown up car engine?And there is always the passive aggressive curse, where you can bless everyone around your ex.  Nothing is more obnoxious than everyone around you having wonderful luck and yours has become lost in a deep dark abyss. 

Now, the most important thing about this hex is intention.Remember, wording is very important and you should never leave things vague if you don’t want them to come back and bite you in the ass. The challenge is to curse your ex and not impact any innocents around him. I know that is a challenge but you want to curse him, you have to rise to the challenge. 

Now when it comes to the curses, you have to twist what you know. If you are great at knot magick, weave those threads, my little witch. If you are good at herb magick, crush and toss those herbs together. You can even do something as simple as writing your intention on his picture and then burning it and anything you may have of his left (burn responsibly, don’t burn down his home or anything else equally insane) You know you and there are multiple ways for you to twist anything, including a hex.

Take your time thinking of if you really want to twist this hex and if you do, take your time when you are weaving this. Under no circumstances do you want to rush a hex. Best of luck. 

Until next time witches. May the brew in your cauldron never burn and your broom never splinter.

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