Odin – Allfather of the Aesir

Name – Odin, Wodan, Wotan and many more

Name Meaning – Master of Ecstacy 

Pantheon – Norse/Germanic

Animals – Two wolves (Geri & Freki), Two Ravens (Huginn & Muninn), Steed (Sleiphir) and bears

Symbols – Three triangles interlocking pointing up, two ravens, two wolves, eight legged steed, 

Colors – Blue? 

Sacred plant/tree – Ash tree

God of – Wisdom, Poetry, Death, Divination & Magick

Odin, son of Bor, son of Buri, and of Bestla, a frost giant’s daughter, is a Norse and Germanic God of wisdom, poetry, death, divination and magick. He is the Allfather, the ruler of the Aesir, who live in Asgard. He built his own hall in Asagard, Valaskjard, where he sat on a high seat called Hlidskjalf. From his throne he could look out over the cosmos and there was a lot of cosmos for him to look over. He is often seen, one eyed, with a helmet on his head, a spear in his hand, a raven on each shoulder and two wolves crouched at his feet.

As a god of wisdom, he would be seen often leaving Asgard to go on quests to gather and give wisdom. He was so interested in gathering knowledge that he sacrificed his eye to the giant Mimir to drink from the well of Urdarbrunn for wisdom. This was not the only sacrifice that he made when it came to his quest for knowledge. He once hung himself from Yggdrasil for nine days and nine nights without any food or water. He swung there with a spear wound and when he was near death he saw the runes. These runes taught him nine precious songs and magic charms.

When it came to poetry, he was known only to speak in it. This is because he stole the mead of poetry from the giants which gave him the ability to speak and write beautifully. He then distributed it to gods, humans and any other beings that he viewed as worthy of the gift.  

Just like his distribution of the poetry mead, when it came to the warriors, he was not known for giving his blessing to just any warrior. The ones that he had a special place in his heart for Berserker and Shaman warriors. These warriors bordered on insanity and were known to wear specific animal fur coverings to invoke their animal characteristics.

Despite Odin’s carrying a spear and being considered a war-god, he was never actually depicted as a warrior but instead was called upon when a war was being prepared. Sometimes when he was called, he would  hand out advice and special gifts. Odin was also known to decide whether battles or individual warriors would be victorious or end not so fortunate ways. 

His connection with war also links him with the dead, hence also being the God of Death. He would wander the fields of battles where he would pick half the slain warriors for Vahallah and the Wild Hunt and the other half would go to Freya. He was also known to speak with those that had died to learn what wisdom they had. 

If you are interested in a God that is crafty and slightly Bacchanalian with a slight tinge of death, look no further than Odin.


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