Looking for a Mentor

Aunty Snark,

I was wondering how I should go about finding a mentor?

Looking for a Mentor


Looking for a Mentor,

The search for a mentor can be long. This isn’t something that you are going to want to rush into. This will require work on your part. I know I just said a dirty word but you have to get over it. Looking for a mentor is just as time consuming as searching for a romantic partner. You are going to want someone that is compatible with you. This will mean that you are going to have to spend some time thinking about what you want and who you are as a student and as a witch.

For example, I am a chaotic with and would do horrible with a high ceremonial witch. I barely remember the phase of the moon and could never help a student that needs more detail than my attention span can give him/her. I can oddly enough work in tandem with a high ceremonial witch but I can not teach one. Also, as a teacher, I tend to give a student a bunch of books and have him/her come back to me to compare thoughts and answer any questions that there may be. If you are an individual that needs someone to walk you through everything, I am not the witch you want to be your mentor.

What I recommend is sitting down and making a list. Start first with why you want a mentor. There are several reasons why you could possibly want/need a mentor. You could be seeking a mentor because you are reasonably new and wish to have someone guide or you could be seeking someone who has a twinge more experience than you that is on the same path of you. It is always nice to have a buddy no matter how long you have been following you path. You will next want to write down what sort of learning style you have. If you are interested in learning what sort of learning style you have; visual, logical, verbal, physical, aural, social and solitary, you can take an online test here

After you have your list and or lists, depending on how detailed you are, then it is off to hunt for your mentor. Where do you hunt? I always recommend starting where you live. You can be surprised at what little gems you can find, no matter how small of a town you live in. My first mentor was found in the small, very Christian town where I lived when I was 18. Check out your local occult shop(s) for a mentor is a wonderful place to start. If that doesn’t work out, thankfully it is the age of the internet and you are no longer limited by the geographical profile of where you live. Through Facebook, MeWe, Patheos websites of that nature, you can find like minded people. 

Depending on where you fall, it may take you awhile to find people of a like mind but don’t get disheartened. There are tons of people and you just have to be patient. Now, when you have found like minded people, this doesn’t mean you are going to find a mentor. Some people don’t want to mentor or can’t mentor. Just be patient. I am repeating myself a lot when I mention patience but it is true. Like I said in the beginning, finding a mentor is just like going into any relationship, you have to be patient. Best of luck in your hunt!

Until next time witches. May the brew in your cauldron never burn and your broom never splinter. If you have a question for Aunty Snark, please email us at 1800idontgiveadamn@gmail.com.

One thought on “Looking for a Mentor

  1. Some mentors require commitments. You are giving your time and asking of theirs. Make sure you understand all the conditions of these kinds of arrangements and weigh the cost.

    Sometimes you won’t know until you set on the path whether something is worth the commitment. A fair teacher will understand this and allow for a way for you to part ways at any time. Find out how that works and how to get that ball rolling if you need it.


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