Wands, a tool that is so familiar with witchcraft that you can now buy them in bookstores, on Facebook, Amazon and Etsy. We will get back to the location where you can buy wands at a later point. A wand is normally a thin piece of wood that can be used one handed. Although traditionally made out of wood, wands have been known to be made out of stone, metal, precious gem or glass.

Even though wands were introduced to the occult in the 1200s, they could be found in ancient writings. In Homer’s writing, The Iliad and The Odyssey, Hermes, Athena and Circe could be seen using a wand. In the 1200s they were introduced to the occult society by the Latin grimoire The Oathbound Book of Honorius. Later, wands and other ideas from The Oathbound Book were added into The Book of Solomon, the book that inspired The Golden Dawn and Gerald Gardner’s Wicca. In fact, wands became such a prevalent item for the craft that The Golden Dawn had many different wands that were used during rituals. Two of the most prominent wants of The Golden Dawn were the Lotus Wand and the Fire Wand.

Wands, like athames, can be interchanged between the elements of fire and air. It depends on how you feel the tool should fall elemental wise. Even though traditionally wands are assigned to the elements either air or fire, when you create your own wand, you can assign it a specific element through the creation via runes, stones or simply assigning it.For example, to me wands are air and athames are fire. Raymond Buckland, Wiccan author, assigned wands the element of fire from the influence of The Golden Dawn. 

These days wands can be found on Etsy, Amazon and even sold in Facebook groups. I would recommend that you are very specific in your search  because if not, you WILL bring up Harry Potter wands. When it comes to the components of the wand you are making or buying, you will want to research the materials. This will include stones and any other materials as they will impact your workings. I know…I know…this means that you will have to do research and that sucks but it is important that you do this. For example certain metals will impact your workings;

  • Copper: Healthy, abundance, money, love
  • Brass: Communication, resilience, protection, abundance, and money
  • Silver: Psychic abilities, protection, and moon magic
  • Steel: Protection, healing, good sleep
  • Gold: Beauty, love, abundance, success, and money
  • Tin: Divination, luck, and success
  • Zinc: Protection, fertility, love, prosperity, and banishing magic

If you wish to make your own wand, you can prune a branch from a local tree, with permission or you can even use a dowel rod, usually made of pine. The length can vary, normally the length of your forearm, but they can be as long or as short as you wish. As long as it isn’t so long that it becomes a staff, you are fine with any comfortable length. Thickness will vary as well but you will want something that fits comfortably in your hand.

 When it comes to decorating your wand, you can additional sorts of magick. You can incorporate magicks such as color magic by painting your wand all one color, or create multi-colored stripes and designs. Rune magick can be added by carving or burning sigils, letters or numbers into the wood can add meaning or if you are uncomfortable with carving, you can draw the design with a permanent marker. There is even a way to use knot magic by tying knots into the string before winding it around the wand. Stone magick is often used when creating a wand by adding a point as at the tip of a wand. Again, and again I say, remember to research the meaning of the magicks you are using as it will impact your craft.

Even though it is not a magick, you can use additional ingredients that may not be 100% natural. Let’s be honest, 100% natural items can become expensive after a while. My bank account can not always allow for me to add everything that I want to. I also SUCK at wire wrapping so for some things I will use polymer clay. Using polymer clay can be used as an adhesive for stones and other tidbits that I may find interesting.

When it comes to your wand, as long as you are not waving around a Harry Potter wand, please for the love of all that is unholy don’t do that, you will be fine. This wand is your personal tool. Again, let me repeat for those in the back, DO NOT USE A HARRY POTTER WAND IN YOUR CRAFT!

Until next time witches. May the brew in your cauldron never burn and your broom never splinter. Join us on Facebook at 3 P.M. PCT for a livestream – Witches Balls vs Witches Bottles.



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