Why the Hate on Wicca

Auntie Snark,

I am on some Facebook groups that are for Pagans in general and I am seeing a lot of hate for Wiccans. What the hell gives?! Why is there Wiccan hate?

Wondering Wiccan


Wondering Wiccan,

Your question, well there are several answers to it and maybe all are right and maybe none will be right. You see, this hatred is due to each person’s experience or thoughts when it comes to Wicca. I can only make an educated guess from what I have seen and experienced myself over the years.

One of the possible reasons that people may dislike Wicca could be the same of the reason some people have a dislike for Christianity, it has its fair share of assholes. I am not saying that the Wiccan/Christian path has nothing but arrogant assholes but there is still enough to leave a bad taste in people’s mouth. There have been stories about men joining Wicca only for the Skyclad rituals, power over women and rumored group orgies. There has also been experiences of people being taken advantage to/lied to/manipulated by those in positions of power. These stories are told often, as we know the internet,  as nothing spreads faster than rumors and negative press.

Another possible reason that people may dislike Wicca is because it is EVERWHERE. It has become a rather commercialized path within the Pagan community. You can not look in a book store’s metaphysical section without being slapped left and right by it. It is in movies and in T.V shows. You happen to mention that you are Pagan to someone, no matter what path they follow, and they are going to assume that you are Wiccan. When something is in your face 24/7 when your own path is underplayed, it can lead to frustration and dismissal. 

With Wicca being everywhere and commercialized, it is a source material for many new people that are coming into the Pagan path. Just like assholes, new Pagans can be a source of frustration. These individuals can be desperate to learn new things without truly listening to advice, make silly mistakes (starting a marriage with a kidnapping aka Love spells) or they believe that they are the most knowledgeable Wiccan around despite only reading  a couple of Aleister Crowley and a Gerald Gardner books. These new Wiccans will be the individuals that sprout off random incorrect factual statements, like Wiccan is an ancient path even though it wasn’t started until the 1950s, as if their word is law.

Within Wicca there are also so many paths that it is ridiculously fluid. You can have Fae Wicca, Draconic Wicca, Dianic Wicca, Traditional British Wicca, ect. There is no real limit on what you can attach Wicca to as long as you follow the basic tenants of the faith. As it is so fluid, there can be some jealousy from those who follow a very A to B to C path of Paganism. There are some paths that are very structured and there is no opportunity to flex or change because the path simply does not allow for it.

Speaking of some Wiccan paths, there are some out there that are not LGBT friendly. This has not endeared it to the LGBT community. For example, there are some paths of Dianic Wicca that will not accept our beautiful transgendered witches. The founder of Dianic Wicca swears up and down that she is not transphobic, she just believes that only women born as women can have the correct energy for Dianic Wicca. If you ask me that sounds rather transphobic to me but what do I know.

Personally I dislike Wicca because it is a very fluff religion. I don’t hate Wicca. I just dislike it and know that the Wiccan path isn’t for me but that is just me. The reason I dislike Wicca is, it has been commercialized, everything is seen as Light and Fluffy and it is very goddess based even though most of the Wiccan path’s say that the path is about duality. I challenge you to go through a book of Wicca and find some spells that invoke both the god and the goddess. 

Just because I dislike Wicca and I choose not to follow the path doesn’t mean that you should stop following that path. If you find Wicca to be your path, then follow it. Don’t allow the haters to dissuade you. When someone looks down on Wicca just move past it. Ignore them and just be you. If it really bothers you, you can always ask the individual(s) why there is hate and perhaps you will even have the opportunity to have an open discussion.

Until next time witches. May the brew in your cauldron never burn and your broom never splinter.

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