Earth Magick


Direction – North
Season – Winter
Colors – Greens, Browns, Blacks and Coppers
Astrological Signs – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
Herbs – Moss, lichens, patchouli, cypress, cedar, honeysuckle and ivy.
Crystals – Emerald, jet, tourmaline, quarts, granite, and peridot.
Moon – New

Earth, our lush home and our protector provides us with warmth, sanctuary and food. It is the northern most element, that despite its fertile energy, is the season of winter and the time of deep night. So, what does Earth Magick look like? It can be used for multiple purposes from something as simple as a house plant blessing to something slightly more complex. Primarily earth magick rules gardening, magnet, stone, tree, knot, binding, hearth and home magick. We have the words but what does these spells look like?

Let’s look at knot magick first, one of my favorite types of magick and one I think should be used more often. When it comes to knot magick, you can use it from everything to binding to releasing. Colors play an important role in knot magick, so that is something that you are going to want to know and perhaps even numerology as it can play a key in knot magick. One of the most well-known knot magicks is considered to be a witches ladder; a string or strings that is knotted nine times. Which can be seen down below.

Witches Ladder

Another type of earth magick is stone magick. Stones are the bones of the earth and every stone, no matter the “value” of the stone, can be used for earth magick. If you want to perform stone magick with pebbles picked up from the side of the road? Rock that shit out. Do not be fooled into thinking that you must pick up expensive stones from a store to perform. When you wish to use stones, just as with any magick, you can imbue with your energy or you can write your intentions on them. Stones can also used for scrying. I, myself have a beautiful set of amethyst rune stones and let us not forget our crystal balls. The only limitations are those that you place on yourself when it comes to stone magick.

If you wish to use tree magick, this will require some memorizing, just like herbs, to remember their meanings or you can just write things down…..write things down, I do. Some common trees and their meanings can be found below. This by no means is a complete list, that would be epic, but is just a few common trees that can be found in the USA.

  • Alder – The Air Element, Connection with the Otherworld, Environmental and Land Healing, Invisibility and Concealment, Masculinity, Physical Healing, Protection
  • Apple -Blessings and Abundance, Eternal Youth, Feminine Power, The Five Elements, Love, Self-Acceptance, Sweetness, Unicorn Alignment, Wand Making
  • Ash – Advanced Magic, Broom Making, Fairies, Justice, Protection, Wand Making
  • Aspen -Ancestry and Heritage, Cleansing and Healing, Family and Community, Mitigation of Heat
  • Beech – Healing Our Deepest Wounds, Sensitivity
  • Birch – The Divine Feminine, Healing Depression and Anxiety, Renewal and New Growth
  • Buckthorn – Getting Stuck Energy Moving, Starting a New Project or Endeavor, Wish Granting
  • Cedar – Breaking Spells, Clarity and Focus, Sacred Space, Strengthening the Energy Field, Wisdom
  • Cherry – Divine Orchestration, Goddess Energy, Love, Power and Strength, Sweetness
  • Chestnut – Abundance, Attracting Animals, Relieving Worry, Transforming Karma
  • Cypress – Clarity, Emotional Healing, Longevity, Writing and Speaking
  • Dogwood – Boundaries, Dog Communication and Healing, Healing the Emotions, Love Divination, Miracles, Physical Healing
  • Dragon’s Blood – Activation, Clearing, Cleansing, Hex Breaking, Love, Moon Cycle Support, Protection
  • Elder – Blessings, Fairy Communication, Feminine Power, Graceful Shifts and Transitions, Healing, Intuition, Magic, Music, Protection
  • Elm – The Divine Feminine, Healing Depression, Nymphs, Transitions
  • Eucalyptus – Abundance, Cleansing and Clearing, Fame, Healing Depression and Raising the Spirits, Physical Healing, Repelling Insects, Stress Relief, Soothing Grief
  • Fig – Attraction, Divination, Fertility and Potency, Grounding, Luck, Magical Power, Remote Communication, Travel, Vitality
  • Fir – Abundance, Rebirth and Regeneration, Shadow Work
  • Ginko – Ancient Wisdom, Hope, Luck, Protection from Fire, Wealth
  • Hawthorn – Embracing What Is, Fairy Communication, Heart Healing, Protection from Vampires, Weddings, Wishes
  • Hazel – Communication, Immortality, Dowsing, Magic, Wisdom
  • Hemlock – Cleansing, Fire Magic, Secrets and Mysteries, Shadow Work
  • Hickory – Childbirth Support, Land Nourishment, Protection from Legal Difficulties, Transitions
  • Holly -Energy, Fairies, Positivity, Protection, Victory
  • Juniper – Blood Sugar and Appetite Regulation, Healing, Survival, Terraforming
  • Lemon – Bliss, Cleansing and Clearing, Vitality
  • Linden – Heart Healing, Protection, Sleep, Stress Relief
  • Locust – Boundaries, Neutralizing Negativity, Sweetness
  • Magnolia – Ancient Wisdom, Feminine Power, Lunar Magic, Stress Relief
  • Maple – Appreciation of Beauty, Directing Energy, Fun, Harmonious Sweetness, Positivity
  • Mulberry – Comfort amid Challenges, Cosmic Oneness, Wholeness and Healing
  • Myrtle – Love, Passage Between the Worlds, Peace, Wealth
  • Oak – Divination, Healing, Manifestation, Prosperity, Strength, Victory
  • Olive – Beauty, Diligence, Healing, Peace, Wealth
  • Orange – Happiness and Joy, Masculine/Feminine Balance, Partnership, Sweetness
  • Palm – Cleansing, Transforming, Transitions, Divine Masculine, Fertility, Nourishment, Peace, Relaxation, Victory
  • Peach – Health, Immortality, Protection, Positive Energy
  • Pear – Cooling the Emotions, Good Spirits, Paradise, Wands
  • Pecan – Abundance, Immunity, Sustenance
  • Pine – Clarity, Divine Harmony, Healing, Purification, Releasing Guilt
  • Pistachio – Breaking Love Spells, Immunity to Love Spells, Influence
  • Plum – Abundance, Holiday Magic, Boundaries, Getting Stuck Energy Moving, Strength
  • Poplar – Activation, Expansion, Portals, Prayer
  • Redwood – Abundance, Earth Wisdom, Healing, Protection, Protection from Fire
  • Rowan – Divination, Hearth Goddess Energy, Love Goddess Energy, Protection, Travel
  • Sandalwood – Blessings, Healing, Love, Past Life Healing, Protection, Sensuality
  • Sassafras – Creativity, Health, Prosperity
  • Spruce – Ancient Wisdom, Goddess Energy, Healing, Protection, Purification, Spiritual Refreshment
  • Sumac – Activation, Grounding, Protection
  • Sweet Gum – Creativity, Father/Daughter Relationships, Personal Power, Tarot
  • Sycamore – Ancestral and Earth Wisdom, Land Alignment
  • Connection Between Heaven and Earth, Spiritual and Emotional Purification
  • Walnut – Expansion, Health and Healing, Mother Goddess Alignment, Wealth
  • Willow – Divine Masculine Support, Death, Directing Energy, Ghosts, Lunar Alignment, Pain Relief, Personal Empowerment
  • Witch Hazel – Charm and Attractiveness, Finding Water, Intuition
  • Yew – Death, Rebirth, Eternity, Hallowed Ground, Longevity, Shamanic Visions

Earth magick comes in different shapes, sizes and flavors. From garden magick, such as planting specific herbs near one another, in a specific pattern and or on a specific day, to whispering sweet nothings to rocks and or gems. There are so many forms of it that you can mix and combine to your heart’s content. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works best for you when it comes to Earth Magick.

Until next time witches. May the brew in your cauldron never burn and your broom never splinter.



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