Where the Hell Have You Been?!

Dear Aunty Snark,

Where the hell have you been?!

Wondering if You Are Ever Coming Back?

Dear Wondering if You Are Ever Coming Back,

Ahhh yes, we have been missing from The Snarky Witches for some time now and I am sure you are all wondering, what the hell happened here? Well we added a small, adorable little human to our household in February and that just threw my schedule WAY off. Because, you know, small tiny squishy humans do not care really what the adults plan/want to do because their wants/needs take priority. She is thankfully getting to the age where she is a little less dependent on me, except during nap time, the little hostage taker, and I will have more ability to re-focus back on the business.

Now because of Squeaker the little Queen, we will be modifying our schedule in an attempt to streamline things and make them easier for me to maintain. I am not 100% sure what that schedule is going to look like. I don’t want to promise something and not be able to fulfill it because things pop up, which has been known to happen when small little ones join a household.

So my tentative goal is to change the schedule to resemble something like this, remember that there are no promises as of yet;

Mondays’ – Aunty Snark (The Snarky Witch Website)
Tuesdays’ – Tarot Tuesday (The Snarky Witches Discord Channel)
Wednesdays’ – Article (The Snarky Witch Website)
Thursdays’ – BOS Pages/Special Information (The Snarky Witches Discord Channel)
Fridays’ – Witchcraft After Dark (Facebook LiveStream/Video – Time to be Announced)

I am going to try and start this schedule as of this week. So keep a look out for new updates. I may also do an additional article on this page throughout the week. It will simply depend on my schedule and what I am able to accomplish late as night. YAY for lack of sleep! I will be updating our calendar before I call it a night tonight. Remember, all of this is a deep hope and pray that nothing blows back in my face.

So anyways, this witch is back and with a new fire in her belly!

Aunty Snark

Do you have a question for Aunty Snark? Send us a message at 1800idontgiveadamn@gmail.com.

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