Full Moon Magick

Auntie Snark,

I am horrible at remembering when the full moon is. In fact, I forget about it so often that I barely do any spells on the full moon. Does this make me a bad witch, not remembering when the full moon hits? I mean it seems like the most basic thing all witches remember/practice on.

Bad Moon Witch

Bad Moon Witch,

If not remembering when the full moon will be occurring makes you a bad witch, then I am a down right appalling witch. I have the moon flow in my planner, I have it with alarms set on my phone and The Snarky Witch has it on the website calendar and yet, I hardly ever perform any magick on the full moon. Does this make you or I bad witches? Hell to the no. 

There is no rule written in any book that says that you absolutely HAVE to perform some sort of spell on the full moon. The full moon, or also known as Esbats by those that are in covens, just happens to be a peak time for spells and cleansing. Think of the full moon as that all purpose moon like rosemary is an all purpose herb or quartz is an all purpose gem. Even if you do not remember to perform a spell exactly on the day of the full moon, don’t worry your pretty little head, as Full Moon magick can still be performed for several days after the “true” full moon. So if you happen to miss the full moon on the exact day, you can still cast 3 to 5 days afterwards.

Now, say that you have completely missed the full moon by weeks, there are other things that you can use that may be perhaps easier for you to align your magick with. For example, days of the week have their own meanings that you can use for specific spells. Let’s take a look at those now;

Sunday – The day for Success. So really, you could use Sunday as a boosting day like the full moon.
Monday – The day for Protection
Tuesday – The day for War and Change.
Wednesday – The day for Communication.
Thursday – The day for Money.
Friday – The day for Love and Friendship
Saturday – The day for banishing and Rewards.

Not only do we have the days of the week but we also have time that can be aligned for specific workings.

1 A.M. The first hour of a new day. Can be used for focusing on self and banishing any shadows.
2 A.M. – Ridding partnerships or relationships of negativity.
3 A.M. – Determination, especially in those items that are difficult to overcome.
4 A.M. – Improved luck or victory over a certain set of circumstances.
5 A.M. – Encouraging growth of psychic awareness.
6 A.M. – Tenacity and perseverance over something that is being procrastinated.
7 A.M. – Hope, improved insight and perspective.
8 A.M – Personal change aimed at the conscious mind.
9 A.M. – Assistance for others and focusing on concrete matters.
10 A.M. – Improving personal convictions and resolutions.
11 A.M. – Energy directed towards transformation which may have been seen as impossible.
Noon – Invoking positive changes in life and magick for ending and beginning things.
1 P.M. – Self image and personal security.
2 P.M. – Building relationships, encouraging understanding, love between people and sexual energy.
3 P.M. – Balancing matters of the body, mind and spirit.
4 P.M. – Harmony of the elements, sticking to a schedule and magick to accentuate goals.
5 P.M. – Insight to self and communicating with spirit guides.
6 P.M. – Matters of safety, protection and completion.
7 P.M. – Diversity, blending or healing differences and gentle care towards others.
8 P.M. – Leadership, command and guidance.
9 P.M. – Comprehension of the universal truth.
10 P.M. – Improving the rational mind, sensibility and clear mindedness.
11 P.M. – Coping with drastic changes in a positive manner.
Midnight – Invoking positive changes in life and magick for ending and beginning things.

As you can see Bad Moon Witch, there are several other ways for you to craft spells than just using the full moon. You aren’t a bad witch if you don’t perform magick on the full moon and you are not a bad witch if you don’t perform magick on a daily basis. Nothing can make you a bad witch. So don’t worry about not performing full moon magick. Shed that guilt about not performing a full moon ritual. Just do what you are capable and happy doing.

Until next time witches. May the brew in your cauldron never burn and your broom never splinter.

Do you have a question for Aunty Snark? Send us an email at 1800idontgiveadamn@gmail.com.

One thought on “Full Moon Magick

  1. Merry Meet, Great post, I love the moon days of the week information! If you struggle around the full moon, as many do. Please check out my blog post about full moons for the lazy witch, I think you’ll like some of the tips on there 🙂 Love and light xx


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