Is Baby Witch THAT Offensive?

Auntie Snark,

I was on a Facebook group the other day to ask a question and labeled myself as a baby witch as I am new to witchcraft. In the responses some people yelled at me about calling myself a baby witch. What the HELL?! What am I supposed to call myself as a new witch?

Dazed and New

Dazed and New,

What is it that I love to say when it comes to people telling what you are SUPPOSED to do or what the “TRUE” way is? You flip the offending person the bird and you tell them to fuck off. Our path is an individual path and no one, except possibly a teacher, should be telling you how you are supposed to refer to yourself or what you are supposed to be doing. If you want to call yourself the Purple Queen Empress of Sheba, then you do so.

The term baby witch is far from offensive and why people deem it to be so, still staggers my mind. I mean, you could just call yourself a witch, but that comes with certain expectations and an assumed knowledge about certain things. If you are brand new, you just picked up your first book or are about to, calling yourself just a witch could confuse some people, personally I encourage it. Yet, labeling yourself as a baby/novice witch, allows those around you to know that you are truly just beginning on your path of witchcraft/paganism.

Just remember, there is no such thing as an expect witch, at least in my opinion and we are ALL novice witches in some areas or another. Put down those pitch forks, the more experienced witches that are in the back, and listen to my logic. We will take me as a lovely example. I have been practicing since I was 17 and I am now in my 30s. That in theory gives me over a decade in the craft. Do I label myself as an expert witch? Hell to the no. I have knowledge in certain things that may lean towards an expert rating, for example knot magick and elemental magick, but I am in no ways an expert in all things that are witchy. I am still constantly learning, as should we all.

I like to say that we do the research so you don’t have to over here at The Snarky Witches. I don’t do HUGE deep dives, but I gather enough information to wet the whistle of those that may be interested. This knowledge that I have gained over the past year is more than what I gathered in my previous decade. Why? I was comfortable with the knowledge I had and did not seek any more. Now I can be considered a novice, despite over a decade in the craft, on a variety of topics.

There are so many different paths, celebrations, histories and magicks that come with our craft, that I firmly believe that it is impossible to be an expert in everything. If you want or do pick one or even a small handful of topics to be an expert in, then do that. There are no rules out there that say you have to be knowledgeable in everything and with our community being better connected, you now have the ability to reach out in seconds to gain knowledge on whatever may peak your interest.

So at what point, does someone go from being considered a “baby”/novice witch to just a plain witch? I am sure that there are plenty of opinions of when someone who just began to study is no longer considered a novice by our general public. I am going to say, in my opinion, after a year of practicing the craft, you should just call yourself a witch or whatever you please. 

Why a year? A year will give you the time to gather the most basic knowledge that we all have, or are supposed to have, pick something to possibly specialize in if that is your cup of tea and to actually weave/practice the things that you have studied. Now the “traditionalist” witches will say a year and a day but really, what’s one more day tacked on to a year? However, if you wish to call yourself a witch from the get go, then go right ahead or if you wish to wait half a year or two to drop novice or baby from your witch title, then you do you.

This is your title and you call yourself whatever you want to call yourself. If someone tries to jump down your throat again about calling yourself a baby witch, tell them to shut it and that you will call yourself whatever you damn well please. They shouldn’t be getting “offended” on your behalf. So rock that baby witch title or novice title if you want and ignore those haters.

Aunty Snark

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2 thoughts on “Is Baby Witch THAT Offensive?

  1. Merry Meet, I personally like that completely new witches call themselves ‘baby witches’ as I find that it signals to other witches who have been practicing for a while that they are new, so that we can help and advise them if they ask for it.
    I am often helping completely new witches to the craft, and find many get overwhelmed with the vast knowledge and choice they have when becoming a witch, so I think the term is fitting not offensive at all 🙂
    Great article to read! Many blessings xx


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