Witch Bottle Vs Witch Ball

Aunt Snark,

I am seeing witches bottles online. What are they? Can I make them? What is the difference between a witches bottle and a witches ball? I looked up witches bottles and witch balls came up too.

Can’t Decide

Can’t Decide,

Ahhh, a witch bottle vs a witch ball. These two items are two separate things and one is easier to make than the other. The witch bottle is an easier thing for you to make. Unless, that is, you are a glass blower and then, you and I should be friends. Now I can go into the deep history of these two items but I am going to do a real quick and dirty version of them.

Witch Ball – These became super popular in the late 17th and early 18th century. These glass spheres used to be fisherman floats. Sailors/Fisherman would take home these glass spheres that used to keep their nets afloat, the ones that lasted some time, and hang them in their windows. They believed that these spheres would warn off ill omens, witches and spells.The spindles of glass that are in a witch ball is believed to enamore ill omens/spirits. These spirits would become trapped in the balls and the home was protected. Some witch balls were able to be filled with items such as holy water or salt. Current witch balls tend not to be able to be filled as they are sealed. They were primarily blue but come in a variety of colors today. 

Appalachian Witch Balls – Now these are some nasty items. Used mostly by granny witches, still looking for one as a teacher, these balls of magicks are made up of hair, beeswax and bodily fluid. Normally used to cast a hex and or curse by throwing at the victim or a picture of the victim. 

Witch Bottles – Have been around since at least Elizabethan England. Old witch bottles are still being found every now and again during construction in England. Why? These are things that were normally hidden under steps, in hearths and in walls. They were first mentioned back in the 17th century in 1861 in the book Evidence Concerning Witches.Three guess on what sort of book that was.

Traditionally they were filled with nails, salt, vinegar, hair, fingernails or bodily fluid. These bottles were used to ward against witches, ill omens or spells or to hex an individual. The reason that they were hidden was a fear of them being broken/the seal broken or to have the bottle protect a home for a long period of time. As long as a witch bottle is not tampered with, it’s magick is still considered to be active no matter the time that has passed. So think of it as an epic generational spell.

Today we tend to use the witch bottles in very much the same way. Although, normally most witch bottle recipes or pictures that you see online are going to be full of more pleasant items than those that were used way back when. Some bottles are hidden these days and some are not. Like almost everything in our craft, what you do and what you place inside your bottle will be up to what you are crafting.

You can, these days, make whatever sort of witch’s bottle that calls to your heart. I have made witch bottles that are made out of recycled light bulbs, I like that pretty aesthetics, test tube, because I had them and I wanted to see what would happen, and a traditional bottle. None of the spells I have crafted with said that my witch bottle has required me to hide it or smash it. Generally, I make my witch bottles to be hung as they are primarily protection items. You can do with your bottle what you please, as it is your spell. So you can hide it, bury it, hang it or set it out for the entire world to see.

I suggest looking online, seeing what peaks your interest and crafting your bottle to your needs and desires. Just remember, that witch bottles are a generational thing, so be aware that this baby is going to last you a long time. Unless you don’t want it to,then smash it with a dance. And remember Aunty Snark’s favorite phrase, if any witch tells you that you are crafting wrong, you flip them the bird and do what you want. This witch ball is yours and you make it how you want.

Until next time witches! May the brew in your cauldron never burn and your broom never splinter.

Do you have a question for Aunty Snark? Send us an email at 1800idontgiveadamn@gmail.com. Remember, we do the research so you don’t have to.

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