Witch Bottles Over Here and Over There. In fact Everywhere.

Fads come in and out of style as quickly as we change underwear, or at least I am hoping y’all are changing your underwear regularly. One of the past couple of months I have seen is this trend of using witch bottles/spell jars for everything under the sun. They are all over the place and I get it, a lot of us witches have crow brains and love to save jars BUT in my opinion the witch bottle/spell jar trend needs to stop.

You, Glenda the Good Witch, sit down and zip it so I can explain why. Your rant informing me that I am  WRONG isn’t really needed or wanted in this instance. If you give me a minute, I will be more than happy to explain why I believe that this trend needs to go out of fashion. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for spell jars/witch bottles when they are warranted. I, however, am seeing a lot of witch bottles that are being created with spells that really do not need to be contained in a jar.  Sure, spell jars can be super pretty. I can also understand the appeal as they are really simple to build. All you need is a jar, your spell ingredients and maybe a candle. Volia, a witch bottle. 

My issue comes with, now that you have created it, what now? If you are a prolific spell maker, soon you will have witch bottles scattered throughout your home and possibly in your lawn or someone else’s lawn. Having witch bottles scattered throughout your home doesn’t seem to be a bad thing if you have the crow “ooooo-shiny” mindset but there is another small problem that most people seem to forget when it comes to witch bottles/spell jars.

They are things that are meant to last a LONG time, hence why you have trapped your ingredients in a bottle.(You can get the background and original intention of witch bottles in the link found above.) So whatever you are crafting, unless you have especially worded things to include a timeline, will last as long as the bottle doesn’t break. From the spells I have been seeing people placing into these jars, they are not spells that are meant to last. 

Listen, I promise you, whatever spell you are weaving still has a chance to succeed even if you take a step outside and throw your ingredients, as long as it is not salt and or non-biodegradable, into the wind. Remember, magick is about intention, the ingredients that we use are window-dressing or a nice reinforcement for our intentions. You don’t need to keep the ingredients. 

So listen little Crow, use your jars to hold ingredients, shiny rocks you have picked up during a walk or pine cones that have been dropped on your doorstep by the fae but for the love of all that in unholy, please leave your next spell out of it. Unless, that is, your spell really calls for being in a jar because you need it to last forever.

Until next time witches. May the brew in your cauldron never burn and your broom never splinter.

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