Witch Bottles Over Here and Over There. In fact Everywhere.

Fads come in and out of style as quickly as we change underwear, or at least I am hoping y’all are changing your underwear regularly. One of the past couple of months I have seen is this trend of using witch bottles/spell jars for everything under the sun. They are all over the place and … More Witch Bottles Over Here and Over There. In fact Everywhere.

An Unwelcomed Bible?

Aunt Snark, I recently have come out of the Broom closet to my very religious family. I am constantly getting unwelcomed preaching and my grandmother just recently gave me a bible! How do I tell my family to stick it?!  Frustrated from Unsolistiated Preaching Dear Frustrated, Welcome to the first year(s), depending on your family’s … More An Unwelcomed Bible?

Full Moon Magick

Auntie Snark, I am horrible at remembering when the full moon is. In fact, I forget about it so often that I barely do any spells on the full moon. Does this make me a bad witch, not remembering when the full moon hits? I mean it seems like the most basic thing all witches … More Full Moon Magick

Why the Hate on Wicca

Auntie Snark, I am on some Facebook groups that are for Pagans in general and I am seeing a lot of hate for Wiccans. What the hell gives?! Why is there Wiccan hate? Wondering Wiccan ____________________________________________________________________________ Wondering Wiccan, Your question, well there are several answers to it and maybe all are right and maybe none … More Why the Hate on Wicca

Looking for a Mentor

Aunty Snark, I was wondering how I should go about finding a mentor? Looking for a Mentor ____________________________________________________________________________ Looking for a Mentor, The search for a mentor can be long. This isn’t something that you are going to want to rush into. This will require work on your part. I know I just said a … More Looking for a Mentor