Gods, Goddesses & Otherworldly Beings

The search for a god or a goddess can be a daunting task. What pantheon do you choose? Can you mix a pantheon? Can you celebrate more that one being? Look no further, we are here to answer your questions.

What pantheon should you look into? Look into all of them! I know I did when I was younger. I looked into Egyptian, Roman, Celtic, Hindu and more. I may celebrate the Greek pantheon but all of them are wonderful. Can you mix pantheons? Ummmm, yes. I know people who celebrate a Greek Goddess and a Celtic God. No one is saying that there is a right way to celebrate the gods and goddesses and yes, you can celebrate more than just two. I have three main beings that I celebrate but I will invoke anyone that looks good to me on that particular day. I will be honest, I am a deity slut but we don’t slut shame here and if you want to celebrate ten or twenty, go right the hell ahead!