Why the Hate on Wicca

Auntie Snark, I am on some Facebook groups that are for Pagans in general and I am seeing a lot of hate for Wiccans. What the hell gives?! Why is there Wiccan hate? Wondering Wiccan ____________________________________________________________________________ Wondering Wiccan, Your question, well there are several answers to it and maybe all are right and maybe none … More Why the Hate on Wicca

Dianic Witchcraft

The traditional Dianic Witchcraft, it’s for women only, sorry…no men allowed here. Dianic witchcraft was founded in 1971 by “Z” Emese Budapest in California. Z was a Hungarian immigrant who was also a hereditary witch and she formed the first coven, Susan B Anthony on the Winter Solstice in 1971. Dianic witchcraft is a combination … More Dianic Witchcraft