Yule Food

Snow is falling, chestnuts are roasting on an open fire, the scent of pine and cinnamon fills the air. This the time of the Winter Solstice, or better known as Yule. There are actually many winter holidays that occur before, around or shortly after the Winter Solstice. The most famous Pagan one, is the neopagan … More Yule Food

Hex the Ex

Auntie Snark, My ex broke my heart and now I want to get even. I have spent hours crying over the cheating bastard and now I want to get even. How should I go about hexing the ex? Wants to Hex the Ex ____________________________________________________________________________ Wants to Hex the Ex My first question about this is; … More Hex the Ex

Dianic Witchcraft

The traditional Dianic Witchcraft, it’s for women only, sorry…no men allowed here. Dianic witchcraft was founded in 1971 by “Z” Emese Budapest in California. Z was a Hungarian immigrant who was also a hereditary witch and she formed the first coven, Susan B Anthony on the Winter Solstice in 1971. Dianic witchcraft is a combination … More Dianic Witchcraft

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble – Crafting Your own Spell

Auntie Snark, I have been using spells that I have found online or in books but now I want to create my own. Where should I start? Wants to Craft ____________________________________________________________________________ Wants to Craft, Yes, that’s right, my little witch, come to the dark side. I mean, come to the side that crafts his/her own … More Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble – Crafting Your own Spell

Making a Book of Shadows

Auntie Snark, I have been seeing Books of Shadows on Pintrest and they look freaking amazing! I really want to make my own Book of Shadows like the ones I am seeing. Do you have any recommendations about what I should be putting into one? Wants to Build A Book ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Wants to Build a … More Making a Book of Shadows

Chaos Sigils

Sigils. Lovely symbols of swoops, swirls and symbols that can be found in books, on the internet and even on Pinterest. Sigils are usually referred to a type of pictorial signature of an angel, entity or a desired outcome. The term sigil is Latin, meaning to seal. A well known page of sigils is that … More Chaos Sigils